Sellers Pre-Listing guide 1

Dear Home Seller:

This Marketing Proposal can never take the place of a personal meeting, but it will give you a chance to know a little bit about the step-by-step plan we use to get many homes sold in 90 days or less.

The information on the following pages is designed to give you an overview of exactly what it takes to sell any home in today’s ever-changing marketplace. It is no longer enough to put a for sale sign in the yard and hope someone will see it and want to buy it.

When we meet, you can expect me to be a candid, up-front, no-nonsense, professional. There are lots of opinions but just one set of facts. We’ll look at the facts of record to determine the best pricing strategy to use that assures your home sells for the highest price possible. The final pricing strategy is subject to your approval.

Additionally, we will determine who the targeted buyers for your home are and develop marketing strategies to attract their interest. These targeted buyers are almost always willing to pay the highest price for your home. I’ll explain this concept and strategy in more detail when we meet.

80% of the marketing on your home is done when the pricing strategy for your home is selected. This Proposal contains detailed information on this issue to assist you in making an informed decision. Be assured, our job is to sell your home for the most money possible, not the least.

Most Sincerely,

Neal and Angela Thomas