As the year begins, you will notice some subtle changes happening around here. Due to changes by the State Real Estate Regulatory Board, we were forced to change our team name from Olympia Realty NW to Dependable Realty NorthWest. As of right now we still have our business license as Olympia Realty NW LLC and are under the DBA Dependable Realty NorthWest. We are still under the broader umbrella of Best Choice Realty LLC. Until we have our new DBA license in hand for Dependable Realty NorthWest we are reverting back to Best Choice Realty LLC, not that we ever left BCR, but we were trying to make our own Logo and Mark and now we have to start back at square one. During this transition, you may see both BCR and Dependable Realty Logos, but we would like to ensure you that this will not disrupt any of our business in any way. We expect this to be completed within the next 30 days and our team name of Dependable Realty NorthWest fully sanctioned by the state department of license. Additionally, we’d like to introduce our new team member, Stephanie Woodson, who has agreed to join our team in our new venture. Watch for a more formal introduction on our website in the next couple of weeks.