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Arle Seaton HomeStreet Bank

The Seaton Team


Meet The Seaton Team

The Seaton team has become one of our most trusted lenders and have an outstanding reputation of getting the job done right and on time. The team is lead by Arle Seaton with his wife Elisa Seaton and their assistant Barbara Soiza. These guys have done remarkable things for our Buyer's. That is why we recommend the first place you go to search for a home loan is the Seaton Team.

You can contact them at their Homestreet Bank office at (360) 486-5301. You can also fill out an online application at Their office location is 720 Lilly Rd, Suite 101, Olympia, WA 98501.


“Now more than ever getting pre-approved for a mortgage by a true mortgage professional should be the first step in the home buying process.  Since the mortgage meltdown in 2008, lending guidelines and standards have been as ever changing as the seasons.  If you have bought a home from 2003-2008, you will experience a completely different process.  If you have never bought a home before, it will feel like your lender will want everything but your first born.  Be prepared to share every income source you have, every debt you have and explain in detail every blemish of your credit past.  “Wow” you say “what a bunch of doom and gloom”.  To the contrary in my opinion.  Today’s buyers will be the most educated and prepared for home ownership than any time in our history.  You will search real estate with the knowledge and power that are truly a qualified buyer.  The process is not as bad as it sounds as most documents you should be able to grab online or have kept in your tax records.  Be prepared to supply the following:

Two years W-2’s and Tax Returns (Personal and Business) and all other tax schedules such as K-1

If salary or Hourly, Consecutive pay stubs that cover a 30 days period.

Two months bank statements (all pages…even that silly blank page at the end).  Be prepared to explain any deposit of $250 or more that is not a pay roll deposit

Most recent Quarterly or Bi-monthly Retirement/stock/401k statement (all pages)

BK paperwork (If applicable)

Explanation for any previous foreclosures or short sales (If applicable)

12 Months of Rent Verification (Cancelled Checks) for Programs like USDA

There will be other small items a lender will request.  Please understand this is the culture of lending now.  If you go in with the understanding that your lender doesn’t want to ask for more than they need, but may ask for more than you expect, it will help the overall process.  Lastly, be prepared to respond to your lender within 24-48 with anything they need. Quick response = quicker approval.

Learning the Home Loan Process

Getting a home loan with HomeStreet Bank

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Neal and Angela's thoughts on this subject

It's important to factor in the interest rates when deciding on when to buy. A 1% interest rate rise is equal to a 10% rise in home prices. Right now we are experiencing a small dip in interest rates, but as Arle pointed out above, interest rates are expected to rise as much as 1% in the next 3 - 6 months. Our advice is to get yourself locked in now, while interest rates are still in historical low rates. So give Arle and us a call and we'll get started on finding the perfect home for you.